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Health Insurance

Individuals, families and businesses are going to be looking at health insurance benefits and rates more than ever. Let Mid-Western Insurance help you compare the different policies available.

•  Individual and Family Health Insurance
•  Dental Insurance
•  Group Health Insurance
•  Disability Insurance
•  Temporary Insurance Plans
•  Critical Illness
•  Cancer Insurance

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is an important part of your individual, family and business insurance plans. At Mid-Western Insurance, we have partnered up with two different companies to offer solutions to all your needs. Click on the links below to get more information.


Is Health Insurance required?
Yes. Health insurance is now required by law. The plan has to be a Qualified Health Plan. If you don’t have coverage you must pay a fee called the individual shared responsibility payment.
What if I have tried to purchase health insurance in the past and didn’t qualify.
There is now no health questions to determine eligibility. Eligibility and premiums are based more on geographic location and annual income.
What is the Marketplace?
The Marketplace helps people without health coverage enroll in a high-quality plan online, by phone, or with a paper application.

During the enrollment period, anybody who qualifies to use the Marketplace can fill out an application and enroll for coverage for the upcoming year.
   • The open enrollment period for coverage in the upcoming year begins in the fall of the year preceding it.
   • If you don’t enroll in a plan by January 31, you can’t enroll in a health insurance plan unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period.

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