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Long Term Care

Long Term Care Insurance is a way to help plan for the expenses incurred when you need care over a long period of time. Some of these services can be expensive and may deplete your savings quickly. It may also help to protect your family from having to be your primary caregiver. Growing older is a part of life. With every passing year, the likelihood increases that you or your spouse/partner may need long term care. By planning ahead for that possibility with Long Term Care Insurance, you are helping to protect your freedom of choice, assets and your family, should you need extended care.

You will never be younger or healthier than you are today. That's the reason to start planning now when you have the options available to you. What’s the best age to start planning? NOW. Why? Because changes in health happen quickly and can make it impossible for you to obtain coverage. Younger consumers may be able to take advantage of lower pricing and/or health discounts.
The need for long-term care is one of the biggest financial threats you could potentially face in life. Mid-Western Insurance can help answer the most common questions regarding long-term care planning and insurance protection.

The North Dakota Long-Term Care Partnership Program is a collaboration between state government and insurance companies. Under this partnership, applicants who purchase qualifying Long Term Care Insurance policies can access Medicaid coverage while retaining assets they would normally be required to spend on their long-term care.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of Long Term Care Insurance is that it can allow loved ones to care ABOUT you, instead of having to care FOR you.

Does it only cover nursing homes?
Most policies sold today are comprehensive. They typically allow you to use your daily benefit in a variety of settings, including your home, nursing home, assisted living, hospice care, respite care, Alzheimer’s special care facilities and adult day service centers.
When should I buy it?
NOW…with that said, there is no better time than the present. As with most insurance, the younger/healthier you are, the better the rate.
Do I need it?
3 out of 4 people will need Long Term Care by the age of 65, do you want to take the risk that you will be the one person that doesn’t need it?

Do you have assets to protect? If you are able to spend a small sliver of your pie to protect the whole pie, then LTCi is for you.
Partnership Program
The Long-Term Care Partnership Program is a Federally-supported, state-operated initiative that allows individuals who purchase a qualified long term care insurance policy or coverage to protect a portion of their assets that they would typically need to spend down prior to qualifying for Medicaid coverage.
Tax Credit
North Dakota Long-Term Care Partnership Program policies qualify for an annual $250 North Dakota income tax credit.

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