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satisfied clients

"The Trust and partnership that we and our advisers have with Mid-Western Insurance is truly invaluable and their agents truly make the difference."

- Michael J Jangula, President Emphasis Advisors, LLC

"I had the honor of being trained into the insurance industry by Del Symanietz. Del has been in the industry for over 30 years and takes this business very serious. Del actually helped start Mid-Western Insurance with my dad back in 1983. Del is very knowledgeable about the products and services he offers to his clients. His clients absolutely love him, I've seen it first hand hundreds of times. Del is always studying products and policies to stay sharp in this ever changing insurance business. I would refer any of my clients or new prospective clients to Del any day of the week. His work ethics are unmatched and his way with people is something to envy. Thank you Del for all you've done for me and for Mid-Western Insurance."

- Justin Dirk, President/Owner Mid-Western Insurance

"I have been a customer of Mid-Western Insurance for six years and feel the service they provide is second to none. I would recommend them to any of my family or friends because I know they would be well taken care of. They keep me in the loop on any and all new ideas so I feel I always have options. They have access to a lot of insurance companies so they basically do the shopping for me."

- M.L. Bismarck ND

"Mid-Western Insurance has managed our money for many years. There is always somebody there to answer the phone and give me service. Justin has helped us put together a safe retirement plan that is easy to understand. We feel confident our children will have a reliable place to turn to if something happens to us. Thank you Justin for everything."

- S.F. Williston ND

"Justin is simply the best, he's like a grandson to us. Alot of my friends and family have Justin as their agent and we've heard nothing but good things. Justin and his agency are completely reliable, I wouldn't even consider another agent for my insurance needs! I always make Justin a fresh loaf of bread when he visits and he's always welcome at our home. Thank you Mid-Western Insurance for all you've done!"

- T.M. Valley City ND

"We got involved with an agent that misled us with poor advice. Through a lot of effort and time Justin was able to get us our money back, and save us a bunch of money. He has always made time to explain everything to us. I can count on him every time."

- J.J. Williston ND

"My husband always thought the world of Justin. He was new in the business when we met. He was so motivated and hard-working, that's why we chose him as our agent. My husband passed away recently and Justin helped us with everything and then some. He's a class act and a complete gentelman. He took a sorrowful time and made it alot easier for my children and I."

- E.A. Detroit Lakes MN

"Justin has been my agent for a few years and I have referred many of my friends to him. He is very easy to work with, absolutely no high pressure selling. Justin has a very positive attitude and takes his job very serious. He is proud to be from Bismarck and I like having a good local agent to rely on."

- J.V. Bismarck ND

"When I lost my spouse I had to take over all the finances and bookwork. I was lost until Justin helped me. He took the time to get me in front of the right people for my accounting, legal, etc. He is not afraid to stand up for his clients when they need something. He carries himself in a way that puts my family and I at ease."

- M.J. Williston ND

"I started in the insurance industry in 1981. I was trained in by Dwight Dirk. In 1983 I helped Dwight start Mid-Western Insurance and have been there ever since. In 2000 I trained Dwight's son Justin into the insurance business. It is very exciting and fulfilling to see Justin excel in this industry, and know that I had a big part in helping him do so. Mid-Western Insurance is a great place to work and I would recommend anybody in the insurance industry to give them a call to see what's new and exciting. Mid-Western Insurance has always treated me fair and has always had my back. I treasure the journey that I had with Dwight and look forward to continued success with Justin now running the business."

- Del Symanietz, Bismarck ND

"Justin has been my parents insurance agent for many years. My folks were healthy when they met Justin, but over the last couple years their health has started to fade. Justin has been wonderful to work with. I can call him anytime and anywhere and he always makes time for me. I would refer anybody to Justin and Mid-Western Insurance."

- V.M. Williston ND

"Chris Dirk has been in the business since 2000. Chris and I grew up together and it's exciting to be working together. I've worked with Chris many times and I can tell you, he's a complete professional. It's not a coincidence that a lot of his clients give the same compliments. He is gentleman in the house and always returns phone calls. I take great satisfaction in knowing that Chris is there to help our clients with their insurance needs. Thank you Chris for your loyal and dedicated service."

- Justin Dirk, President/Owner Mid-Western Insurance

"Justin is very easy to work with. He is professional, compassionate and very knowledgeable about insurance. He has never not returned a phone call and is very reliable. I wish he lived in TX so I could see him more!"

- J.S. San Antonio TX

"The first time we met Justin there was a big snowstorm. He had to park 1/4 mile away from our house and walk to get here. He wasn't able to get us insurance because of health conditions, but he took the time to help my husband get his truck out of a snow bank and helped him change a tire. Wow! Who would've done that without selling any insurance. Years later we called him and he was able to get us insurance. He is such a neat guy and a great family man. Very professional."

- M.K. Killdeer ND

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